I Choked

Table Mesa

Boulder, Colorado

December 30, 2020

I went for the sunrise and ended up catching the moon setting. But my mind froze, and I did not get the best shots.

I sat at my usual place waiting for the sunrise. As it started getting lighter I could see there were no clouds to give the sunrise that extra color that they do. I had seen the full moon on my drive into Table Mesa so I turned my attention to seeing what I could do with it.

As you'll see, I photographed for the most part the white ball of the moon. I could see from my preview of the photos that I was not capturing the surface detail. I kept trying different settings but getting the same result. The photos are nice, but they could have been more. You'll see I finally started capturing the detail of the moon toward the end but not with the Flatirons in the photos.

I could Photoshop the "detailed moon" into the photos but that would be cheating. Instead I'm going to hope that with a tripod, manual settings and hopefully similar conditions, I can do better tomorrow morning.

Or perhaps Bobby Womack can fly me to the moon. 🤪🤔

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