Isn’t There Another Way?

April 12, 2021

I am hesitant to post this thought — I’ve been doing so well (I think) staying away from controversial subjects.

I am so tired of reading about policemen/women and drivers being killed at traffic stops. I’m guessing that most such stops are over issues that certainly aren’t worth anyone dying over — burned out bulbs, speeding, etc. If you run a red light or don’t pay a toll, you get a ticket in the mail most of the time instead of a face-to-face encounter. Why don’t the police adopt such an approach for routine matters (like burned out lightbulbs and speeding) so they are not in harms way?

And for those stops that require the police to encounter the driver, there must be a better way than the police putting themselves in the vulnerable position of approaching an occupied car. I can’t think what an alternative would be — maybe requiring the passengers to get out of the vehicle and to move away from it?

Random, end-of-the-day thought.

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