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March 3, 2023 Morning Report

Jefferson, Texas

March 3, 2023

Yesterday was a day of audibles. Spent some unplanned time in Kilgore, Texas and more time than I had expected in Uncertain, Texas. Before getting to Uncertain I passed through Karnak, Texas outside of which is the estate where Lady Bird Johnson was born. How about that for some trivia?

I had planned to head east from Uncertain, but at the last minute decided to drive west for 20 minutes to Jefferson, Texas -- and I'm glad I did. A quite charming little town of less than 2,000 people. Lots of beautiful old buildings.

Ended up at a truckstop outside of town for the night. The area was under a tornado warning until midnight -- nothing happened but some gusty wind and a night full of rain. It was fun to fall asleep with the rain pounding on the roof of Hi Ho Silver.

Hoping it will clear up this morning so I can get some good photos here in Jefferson.

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Mar 03, 2023

Once we were driving through the Texas Hill Country. We saw a sign for the Lyndon Baines Johnson Historical Park, which is the Johnson Ranch where LBJ spent considerable time as President. It was late in the day but we decided out of curiosity to stop in. We arrived in the visitor center when the last tour of the day at the house was about to begin. There were two tickets available, we took them and thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Johnson was the first president we had strong memories of, so we enjoyed seeing features of the ranch we could remember from television broadcasts of the era. I remembered he had three televisions so he could watch all three networ…

Mar 03, 2023
Replying to

Love it.

LBJ was certainly a larger than life person. I’ve been reading about Nixon — interesting how he was so uncomfortable dealing with people; might explain his passive-aggressive behavior.

Our careers put such demands on our time — a one-week vacation here and a one-week vacation there was all I was able to do. All with a destination. It’s been a luxury to wander (“a random walk down Main Street”). I have learned that every person and place has stories if I just slow down to listen. It really is true that it is more fun to listen than to talk.

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