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May 5, 2024 -- Charlottesville To HHI

Springhill Suites


May 6, 2024

Spring break! I left Charlottesville yesterday at 530 am in the rain. I broke my rule of only driving 200 miles per day and drove the whole way to Hilton Head. Along the way I visited Climax, NC; Julian, NC, Cheraw, SC; Walterboro, SC and Green Pond, SC. I had plans to hit the beach when I arrived here but was greeted by clouds and rain. Boo hoo.

I gotta admit I find the Climax/High Point sign to be pretty funny. Don't they mean the same thing -- but they are in opposite directions.

I think this was my first time to visit Walterboro. Given my middle name, I figured it was worth stopping. Pretty little town.

I took a backway from Walterboro to Hilton Head in order to avoid I95. The route took through the town of Green Pond, which I figured would be a unique name. Turns out there is a Green Pond in Alabama. Who knew?

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