Monterey To SFO

Courtyard By Marriott at SFO

March 27, 2021

Busy day today. I left Monterey and drove the PCH through Santa Cruz and on up to Half Moon Bay. At that point I was forced inland to get to Burlingame where I spent a couple of hours putting my stuff into a 5x10 storage unit. Two hours? About 45 minutes of that was unlocking my bike from my truck and getting the bike rack off. The locks wouldn't work until I got clever and inject the mechanisms with WD40. Pop they went!

The drive from Monterey to Santa Cruz was nothing special -- more inland than on the ocean. But somewhere north of Santa Cruz -- wow! Spectacular scenery. The closer I got to the Bay area the more people I saw. Lots of cyclists, surfers and beach goers. It is a perfect day for those activities. It is noticeably warmer here than it was on the Monterey Peninsula. Combination of temperature and no breeze.

I hope you enjoy this slideshow. Since I am getting on a plane in the morning, I thought the song was appropriate. I searched for a non-folksy version -- this is the best I could do. My bad for mis-spelling Monterey in the title. Oops.

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