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My Hike In Redwood National Park

Crescent City

June 14, 2021

I set out this morning to make a roundtrip to Trinidad on US 101 to close out an open leg in my journey. It was eerily foggy. That's not what held me back; this is what did it:

The road was closed for two hours so I called a quick audible (having typed that I realize that audibles are always quick) and headed to Redwood National Park -- which is also a state park.

Hiking in the redwoods is fairly easy. They want you to stay on the path and not trample on the undergrowth. In other words, not strenuous.

It wasn't great light for photos due to the mostly overcast day but that didn't stop me from taking a lot of photos! No photo can do the redwoods justice though. They are simply massive. In the area I walked, most of the trees are over 1,000 years old and there were some that had fallen. I particularly like the photo of the new tree growing from the remains of a redwood.

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