My Home Until Sunday

Laguna Seca County Park

Monterey, California

March 11, 2021

This park is where I camped last night. I chose it based on proximity to Monterey (8 miles) and the PCH plus the fact that I could reserve a site on the same day as my arrival. It was a decent spot so I reserved my campsite for another three days when I woke up this morning. I was motivated to do so because (1) it’s hard to find campsites on weekends and this one was available and (2) my concern that spring break next week will only aggravate finding a campsite.

I go into my logic so that when I say I found a really nice campground (Veterans Park) in the town of Monterey when I drive around this morning I realize my earlier decision was a sound one (see “Thinking In Bets.”). Veterans Park is first come, first serve so I will head over there on Sunday and see if I can get a spot as Friday/Saturday campers free up spots.

Here’s what the Monterey County website says about this park:

The Laguna Seca Recreation Area provides great camping facilities within easy reach of Monterey and Salinas. Fans of racing can enjoy its proximity to WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway, while cyclists can use the Laguna Seca Recreation Area as a jumping-off point to the bike trails along the former Fort Ord. Fans of shooting can also enjoy the well-equipped Laguna Seca Rifle and Pistol Range.

So other than cars racing around the raceway and occasional pops of guns, I feel quite relaxed. 🤪

I should add that I was a bit on overload driving around this morning. The sight of Monterey Bay and signs for Carmel, Pebble Beach, the 17-Mile Drive, Santa Cruz and the PCH made me realize how much there is to do here. I did have an East Coast moment this morning. I wanted to get back to my campground and saw a sign for 68 West. My intuitive self unconsciously decided I wanted west because that’s away from the ocean. My System 2 was lazy and went along with that decision. Wrong, that only works on the East Coast.

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