My Sunday Morning Photos

Boulder, Colorado

December 12, 2020

Out the door before sunrise this morning to take photos in the snow. Turns out it only snowed another one inch after yesterday morning, but it was enough to give everything a fresh coating.

The first slideshow is of the sun coming up and hitting the Flatirons. I think you will see how the photos changed as the sun got higher. At the tail end of the slideshow are some fun photos of the snow in the pine trees -- the snow here is so light that it doesn't seem to weigh down the limbs of the trees.

The second slideshow contains photos I took this morning when I walked around the University of Colorado. It is a beautiful campus. I like how all the buildings are of the same architecture. You'll see one photo from an astrophysics office -- it was located in the football stadium. I found that rather humorous. You'll also see several photos of a fox I saw on campus -- he was running away but I got a couple of shots where you know it is a red fox.

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