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Only Murders In The Building


June 1, 2023

Lucien is a minor character in Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building. He is podcaster and horticulturist who helped Charles and Oliver when they became stranded, and is portrayed by Jacob Ming-Trent.


Charles and Oliver were following Mabel and Oscar when Oliver's car broke down at a gas station. Lucien saw smoke coming out from under their hood and suggested they open it up. When they did, he took a look and said they could have it towed to his cousin, Peanut's, shop and he could work on it and he could give them a lift. Oliver asked if he could help them follow Mabel and Oscar and he said he could. Before they could leave, they had to wait for Vaughn, who was getting oatmeal cookies. Once Vaughn arrived, they started their pursuit. While they drover, Oliver and Charles told Lucien and Vaughn about their podcast. In turn, they learned that Lucien and Vaughn also had a podcast called "Yard Dogs" and were much more successful than "Only Murders in the Building." They were also part of Cinda's network. They followed Oscar and Mabel all the way to Bayport. Vaughn suggested that Mabel might not be a bad person like they thought but instead might just not trust them yet.

They later recommended "Only Murders in the Building" to their followers on Twitter.

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