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Oops -- Post About Sunday

Fort Bragg, California

June 1, 2021

I wrote this text on Sunday (5.30.21) on the Docs app on my phone and forgot to use it in my post for that day. For the "historical record," here it is:

A beautiful Sunday at the Ocean Cove Campground. Sunny and warm with much less wind. I still have on my puffer jacket but mostly unzipped. Some people are packing up and leaving. I assume they want to have a day at home during the weekend. I’m curious about my reaction — I noticed I was a little sad that some campsites are now empty. What’s that all about?? It was too crowded yesterday and I should be celebrating. Change and transition — still not my friends.

Feels great to do my bolster “folds” and to do the hip opener with one knee on the ground and leaning forward. I did my trigger point roll again and it hurt so good — but not as much as yesterday. I’m hoping that means I will get longer-term relief.

Restarting my Dr. Pepper “diet.” I’ve been substituting water, Gatorade Zero and tangerines.

Folks now pulling their boats out of the water as the wind picks up.

Random point — watched “The Big Lebowski” last night. Goodness, there are so many F bombs. Funny movie.

Tonight might be “The Big Short.”

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