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Ted Lasso And Paris


June 19, 2023

Ted Lasso. I really enjoyed the first season of the show, how it brought home how simplicity of thought and deed can overcome our tendency to make such things so complex. And I felt for the writers as they tried to continue their success into the next two seasons. But they fell into the "relationship trap" -- relying on storylines about romantic relationships to fill each episode. Not to overstate my feelings about that approach, but I hated it. Maybe the estranged relationships hit too close to home, but I found the show unwatchable.

Someone told me that in an episode this season, Paris played a key role. Thanks to the Internet, I found a transcript of the episode. The dialogue above is between Ted and his ex-wife who is off to Paris with her beau. Ouch.

It's funny that Ted asks about which Paris. As we now know, he could have continued.

And just for the record, in Ohio there are:


Paris Township, Portage County

Parisville (historical, Portage County)

Paris Center (historical, Portage County)

Paris Township, Stark County

Paris Township, Union County

St. Paris and

New Paris.

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