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“The Good People Will Stay”

Custer, South Dakota

November 20, 2022

I did enough acquisitions and myself was involved in enough ownership changes to have an opinion on what Musk said about the Twitter employees last week. BTW, why do people call him "Elon" on the news? Elon, Tucker, Hillary -- I don't get it. We refer to people by their last names usually.

Good people have options; poor performers don't. Good people will stay if they like the leadership style, the culture (hours, flexibility, location, etc.) the pay, the chance for advancement, the people they work with and the mission.

Jobs was a duck sometimes but he was also charismatic and could make you feel important.

I don't think Musk is Jobs. What worries me the most (not that I am worried or care) is that if the people who have the relationships with regulators (and understand how the EU is different than the US for example) have left, the banks who lent the money to Musk are screwed.

The world does not need Twitter; indeed, we might be better off without it.

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