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The Polar Express

Vernal, Utah

December 6, 2022

A lot going on here.

Being in Vernal got me thinking of Vern which led to Ernest with led to Jim Varney. Mister Varney died in 2000 from lung cancer at age 50. Apparently he had a photographic memory -- he'd read a script once and that's all he needed to know his lines.

Of course we all remember "Ernest Saves Christmas" which led me to thinking about Christmas which led to the "Polar Express" which led me to the book of the same name which led to memories of reading the book to my kids which led to the memory of a priest at St. John Neumann reading the book at the Christmas Eve kids' service.

Fond memories. I love Christmas. I love the memories of Christmas morning when my kids were young. I love the memories of decorating my house in Charlottesville and having friends over to play "A Christmas Story" bingo. I love the memories of watching "It's A Wonderful Life" at Wilson Hall (for the first time in 1977 with Frank Carter).

And I love how a simple little bell can evoke all those memories -- and more!

I missed out on the Hill City, SD Christmas train. Looks like I'll miss this one, too. 🙁

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