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The Town Without A Frown

Happy, Texas

January 7, 2020

I have had a lot of highlights in my three months on the road. Visiting Happy, Texas ranks up near the top of them.

I met Joli and Scott who could not have been nicer. Scott gave me a bumper sticker which I have proudly added to my collection on my rooftop carrier.

As I walked around the town, there was a great vibe I haven’t felt in other towns of this size. The post office was hopping, the bank was busy and kids were playing outside at the elementary school. And I was welcomed by four or five signs on US 87 of churches in town. How about that red brick toad in the center of town? I have seen that in other Texas’ towns, including Fort Worth.

I thought back to a dog my mom had. Her (the dog, not my mom) was named Happy. And did that name fit that dog. She was happy all the time - especially when she snuck into the house.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I’ve included some from the wind farm outside of town. 😁

Thanks Joli and Scott!!

In case you are wondering, these are GE 2.4 MW turbines. You may not agree, but I think wind turbines are awesome.

Here's a 15 second video of the turbines spinning in their own ballet.

I love how cows look up when you get close. It is like they are saying, "Hey buddy, don't bug me. Can't you see I'm minding my own business and just grazing over here?"

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