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The Wheelhouse Restaurant


June 21, 2021

Based on the recommendation of my host, David, I headed to the Wheelhouse restaurant to have fish snd chips for dinner for the “halibut.” (Get the joke?). That seems to be the fish of choice out here for the fish part of fish and chips. I think I’m more use to cod or haddock.

That discussion is actually a red herring (since we are talking fish) because on the menu they had poached salmon with mango salsa. I love mango salsa almost as much as I love salmon. The poached aspect was new to me; the salmon was delicious as was the salsa as was the clam chowdah (🤪) that was my appetizer.

All-in with tip my dinner was $30. More than my typical walkabout dinner but well worth it. And while I am sure the halibut and chips would have been awesome, think of how many calories I avoided! Plus I got my Omega-3s!

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