Thinking of Steve "Mr. Beach" Leonard

Somewhere on New Mexico 304

March 14, 2020

Steve Leonard was a DJ in Richmond and later in Farmville who played beach music on the radio. And he had so much fun doing it. While he didn't use this catch phrase from his Richmond days when he was on WFLO in Farmville, he was well known for punctuating almost every sentence with "woo-woo." And laughing at his own jokes. We would tune in on Saturday evenings from 5 pm- 8pm for his Saturday Night Beach Music Show (when he wasn't pre-empted by Hampden-Sydney basketball), and he would have us in stitches. And everyone was a "close personal friend."

Mr. Beach died of a cardiac arrest in 2016. But his spirit lives on.

I thought of Mr. Beach when I was driving in New Mexico today. I forgot to stop the car, face Myrtle Beach and put my hand on my heart. Next time. RIP, Mr. Beach.

Hope you enjoy my 1 minute concert.

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