Tillamook To Garibaldi And Back


July 15, 2021

A net zero miles today but lots of fun. I did not realize Garibaldi would have so much to offer.

Walking around the town:

Saw this 1959 Corvette. A real beauty. I asked the owner how long he’d owned the car — 20 years.

The real surprise was the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. The train leaves Garibaldi at 10, noon and 2 for a 30 minute (five mile) trip to Rockaway Beach And returns at 11, 1 and 3. I caught the noon train.

The engine was built in 1924. Steam locomotive which uses used fuel oil. I overheard the engineer saying trains in Oregon could not use coal for concerns of starting forest fires. During the 10 mile round trip, the engine consumes 100 gallons of oil and 1,000 gallons of water.

First some videos:

Photos from the round trip:

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