Today’s Data

Dexter, Oregon

June 27, 2021

I guess taking these photos first thing in the morning is not quite a habit yet as I forget to take a photo of the odometer yesterday. I do remember looking at it — I think it said 310,435. I will go with that memory.

It is not incredibly hot yet at 650 am. I woke up in the night (I had the tailgate up) and it was pleasant sleeping weather. (not so when I went to bed at 940 pm and sweated.). I recall being in the Imperial Valley in the dummer when nighttime lows were in the upper 90s and the highs were 115 plus. That is probably the hottest place I have ever been. Too hot to touch metal.

I have fallen behind with my trip segment updates. I hope to start catching up later today.

I am getting an early start today to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Off to Sweet Home, Oregon.

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