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Top Two Windiest Places In America + Abilene

2. Lubbock, Texas

The birthplace to rock ‘n’ roll legend Buddy Holly, Lubbock, Texas can shake rattle and roll from time to time because of its geographic positioning, which is due south of the Texas Panhandle. As such, it’s one of the fastest-growing regions for wind power energy production with wind speeds averaging 12.4 mph. The peak gust here occurred in 1952, reaching a speed of 90 mph, according to the NWS.

1. Amarillo, Texas

Although the highest average wind speeds aren’t as high here as in other cities, Amarillo is still considered the windiest city in America, mainly because of how regularly and consistently the gusts blow in from the Texas Panhandle. As reported by the NWS, the strongest wind gust happened in 1949, but in terms of the average wind speeds on a day-to-day basis, they reach 13.6 mph. The Weather Channel has also listed Amarillo as the windiest city in the U.S. over the years and the city is located inside of “Tornado Alley,” where some of the strongest twisters on record have occurred.

Abilene, Texas is number nine on the list with an average wind speed of 11.9 mph.

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