Two Hours

Bandon Dunes

June 20, 2021

This place is awesome. It has a practice area for every element if your game plus the nine hole, par 3 course. And while it supposed costs $10 per day if you are a “day guest,” there is no one there to take your $10. What a gift for golfers who live in Bandon. While I was there today, Im guessing no more than 5 out of 35 people were resort guests. There were several families playing the par 3 course in non-traditional golf attire.

I improved by three strokes on Shorty’s - I shot a one over 28. Lots of fun. And if I recall correctly each green has at least one bunker staring at you as you hit your tee shot.

The two hours in the title refers to how much time I spent playing golf today.

Practice putting green.

Should be called Windy’s (🙃) given how windy it is.

How lucky I got.

Ninth green.

Folks shipping their clubs.

No enhancement. Real colors. No humidity.

Frustrated that my scoliosis kicks in after a few holes and I get a knot along the radial glutes. I need to get back into my daily routine of stretching.

It was a special Dad’s Day.

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