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Walmart Saturday Night



March 18, 2023

Lord knows how many Walmarts have been my resting place on a Saturday night. Enough times that I sense a different vibe about the stores on a Saturday night. At least to me, it seems there are more families with little kids. And more single older people. Or maybe it is just that there are (less/fewer) of the other shoppers in the store. While I dislike that Walmart has such a pronounced negative impact on a town's local mom & pop stores, A Walmart Saturday night feels more like a local store than other times.

I scored some AAA batteries in Walmart for my new addition to Hi Ho Silver -- a battery powered LED light. I got three lights for $17 on Amazon -- at the Container Store in Richmond where I first saw the light they were one for $10.

I'm not sure how many linens each light is, but it is plenty bright to read by.

On another note, my not watching Wahoo sports is working out well. Today the #1 Wahoos lost to the #3 Terps -- final score was 14-13. Frustrating but much less so since I did not go to the game nor watch it on tv.

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