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WSJ Versus NYT


October 14, 2023

I have taken to reading the comments to opinion pieces and articles in the WSJ and NYT. (I have even found myself writing a few comments myself.)

In the NYT, a large majority of comments seem to come from a left leaning basis. In the WSJ, more of the comments have a conservative bias although there are some left-leaning comments but rarely are they the majority. I actually think I learn more by reading the WSJ comments.

I've not done a rigorous analysis but the NYT comments overall seem more well thought out and detailed. The Journal has more one-line zingers that tend toward criticism of another comment or the article in general. I'll admit that some of the Journal's comments make me wonder why the writer is subscribing to a main stream financial newspaper.

That's it. Nothing earth shattering. Just thought I'd share my opinion!

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