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September 6, 2020

That's Ethel in the middle. She was our Cook at my fraternity house. Ten meals a week - lunch (11-1) and dinner (5- out of food) Monday through Friday. The food was basic, but it met my needs (and was better than I could have done. I most remember Ethelgetti and Ethelzanga (“one bricks or two?”). We’d sit in the “tube room” for lunch and watch “Love Boat” or the “Gong Show.” Dinner on Friday was always special, not because of the food, but because of making plans for the night/weekend.

Ethel was more than our Cook. She was our friend. She had a happy way about her (unless you crossed her) and she really seemed to enjoy being part of the fraternity. She loved coming to Rose Ball, our spring formal. She would get all dressed up and be smiling from ear to ear the whole evening.

A very special lady who was an important part of my college years (which themselves were important years). I regret forgetting about her after I left Charlottesville. I don’t even know when she stopped working at the fraternity.

She died August 18, 1994 at the age of 53. Same as age as my dad when he passed away. They are probably up in Heaven having a smoke, and Ethel asking if he has a beer she can have. Hopefully she’s not telling him about my college years. 🤪

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