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Giving Thanks

Custer, SD


I was just thinking of Thanksgiving. The image that popped into my head was a Turkey sitting on a platter on a dining room table surrounded by serving dishes full of other food.

That kinda shocked me.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks -- we've got the words backward. It's Giving Thanks Day.

I thought more about the image I want in my mind for Giving Thanks Day. I like the one above. A smile and a good hug conveys thanks and love and caring and I'm always here for you and .... so much more!

A story:

It happened at a gas station in Minnesota, a dozen years ago…

Doug was waiting for an egg salad sandwich at a convenience store when he picked up a slightly crumpled newsletter lying on the counter. Humble looking, with holiday clip-art graphics, that newsletter from the operations leader at the gas station chain was hardly something you’d expect to make a lasting impact on someone’s life.

Then Doug started reading…

Name the six wealthiest people in the world…. Name seven people who were honored as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year…. Name the winners of the Super Bowl for the past five years…. Name four of the biggest selling box office movies in the last twelve years….

Doug couldn’t come up with more than a name or two.

Then came the epiphany from that newsletter…

Name a teacher who made an impact on your life…. Name one friend who has always been there for you…. Think of someone who inspired you to be better….

A lot easier to answer, isn’t it?

These are the people who truly influence our lives—who, by their words and actions, genuinely make a difference. Simply because they care.

Who is on your list? And do we strive to be all that they have been for us?

Connective and cathartic, our memories of those who have made a difference in our lives help define who we are, how far we’ve come, and just how capable we’ve become. For some, that message is a pick-me-up in a challenging time in their career. For others, guidance on how to lead by meeting people where they are. And for all, it offers a thankful perspective.

Two of the most powerful words anyone can say are “Thank you.” So easy to say, but so often overlooked.

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1 Yorum

25 Kas 2022

I am thankful, Lucian, for you being in my life! I have been Blessed by so many!!!

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