It’s The Week Before Christmas

North Of Silver Lake, Michigan

South Of Ludington, Michigan

May 25, 2022

10 AM

I took the above photo at Little Sable Point Lighthouse this morning. I’m fascinated by lighthouses and there keepers. Such a lonely and remote existence. Talk about not getting feedback on your job performance! Everyday is the same. I’ve been alone too much but that job would drive me crazy — no figuratively about it!

Driving up the eastern side of Lake Michigan. I slept hard last night. The temperature was in the low 50s, there was cloud cover and only one other camper in the 60+ campsite campground.

This is a peaceful part of the world. People who work outside for a living. Asparagus, apple and cherry farms. And the natural resource of being by Lake Michigan.

With Memorial Day on Monday, there is activity at the “summer businesses” getting ready for the influx of visitors. There are a few inns but it looks like most people come to camp in their RVs. Lots of campgrounds. There are likely some summer homes. Most of the houses here are older without the character I think of when I think about New England summer houses. The new housing have a charming appeal to them. You would not confuse any of them as resort houses.

I was thinking how to describe the feeling I get driving along here. And I came up with the week before Christmas. The golf courses (of which there are many) are looking inviting with their freshly cut lush green grass. The ”tasty bars” while not open yet look like they are ready to serve the out of town youngsters who can’t wait to get their first ice cream cone of the summer. The business owners are happy and excited looking forward to hopefully a busy and prosperous summer. I sense prosperity is measured here by what happens in June, July and August. It must be interesting to live someplace that is so seasonal. I suspect winter here is at a minimum cold, and made colder by the winds off Lake Michigan.

That’s the best I can do to describe what I have experienced during the first half of this morning. Looks like rain — the forecast is for showers for the next two days. I really am affected by the sunshine or lack thereof. It is harder for me to get going on a gray day. Granted it is also chilly and windy today.

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