Manzanita, Oregon To Oswald West State Park To Seaside, Oregon

Circle Creek RV Park ($40/night)

Seaside, Oregon

July 18, 2021

Today's highlights.

  1. It was a beautiful sunny day with a high in the low 60s

  2. Egg scramble for breakfast

  3. Arrived at Oswald West State Park and parked among a ton of surfers

  4. Photos of the beach

  5. Hiked 4-5 miles in the park — old growth trail, spruce trail and most of elk plains trail.

  6. Drove through Cannon Beach which was a madhouse

  7. Arrived in Seaside. Checked out the golf course (play tomorrow?) and the Seaside Surf Shop. Talked to the owner. Really nice guy. Talked about surfing here. It’s year round.

  8. Got an open site at Circle Creek RV Park -- they don't allow tents. Not sure why.

  9. Organized the truck

  10. Washed the truck

  11. Committed to a healthier diet.

  12. Ate a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with Frey poupon.

Beginning of the day.


"Ginny" and other dogs -- and two surfers walking to the water.

Flowers, bees, ocean, rocks snd trees.

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