Sunday In Santa Barbara

Carpinteria, California (again)

February 28, 2021

Drove south from Goleta this morning into Santa Barbara proper. I suspect there is a lot more of it to see, but I took a walk along the beach.

It is a bit surreal to be at the beach in February in a t shirt. A very festive Sunday afternoon with an art show, folks riding bikes, surreys and Razor scooters, families having picnics, people laying on the beach and volleyball — lots of it. A more diverse group of people than I expected in such a wealthy area.

Some photos:

My back has bothered me since my failed golf effort so I did some legs-up-the-wall exercises. Or should I say legs up the tree?

Great stretch alternating lifting leg from the tree:

I continued my walk.

The Montecito Country Club Clubhouse is the white building on the hill. Google tells me the initiation fee is $300,000.

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