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That Will Learn Me

New Paris, Indiana

May 22, 2022

Since last March, I have installed (or have had installed) a new battery, a new alternator and a new starter. So imagine my surprise this morning when I turned my ignition key (yes, Hi Ho Silver is that old) and nothing happened. Dead as a rock. No lights, no sound — squat.

After I recovered my equilibrium, I looked under the hood, shook the battery and … it started! What a relief!

I drove to Advance Auto in Goshen and asked them to check the battery — it tested fine.

You know what happened next — it didn’t start. The tech was perplexed — after a minute he said he’s clean the terminals.

And you are right again — that was the problem.

That's the first time that has ever happened to me.

No charge (pun intended), a $20 tip and I’m back in action.

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