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Fairfield Inn

Weirton, West Virginia

May 18, 2022

Coach Harris shared this blog link with me. I have only read the first post but it looks wonderful. A writer on a wanderabout to investigate places involved in the formative decades of American history.

Experiences in the hands of excellent writers are treasures. I'm thinking of Ken Oder and Chuck Nesbit along with Steinbeck and Heat-Moon. Their words transport me into the experience they are describing. A gift, a talent, a skill -- probably a bit of all three.

I wish I had that gift. My words do my wanderabout a disservice -- only paying lip service to my experiences. My photos do a much better job -- and I guess I should take some credit for some of my photos that capture the essence of what I am seeing at the time. But it is much harder -- at least for me -- to translate my thoughts, feelings and other senses into the written word -- to tell the story of what I am experiencing.

I'll continue to plug away. Maybe when I am in Paris, France, I will "see the light" and be able to translate this blog into something more coherent and meaningful. Or maybe even before???

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