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Today’s Road Trip


June 22, 2021

Took a short road trip this morning to see the Cape Blanco lighthouse. Feeling a bit under the weather today so I did not make the walk from the parking lot to the lighthouse but took a few photos through the fog. Note that I took these photos at about 10 am.

On the way back to Bandon, stop at the Langlois Market and picked up a Turkey sandwich and a Langlois Market truck hat. Not sure what’s up with the hot dog but I was pretty sure one of those would not settle my stomach. (Why do we say stomach when we mean our intestines?)

Tossing in some other photos I too this morning plus several I took two days ago.

From two days ago.

General notes: Amazing how it can be foggy at the beach but sunny a mile or two inland. Lady behind the counter at Langlois Market grew up in West Virginia (I’m wearing a Virginia sweatshirt.). Said she snd her husband ride a motorcycle across the country and got here and decided to stay. That’s a popular story around these parts. I dropped my sandwich on my sweatshirt; great to have laundry facilities at this motel/park. And they are so clean!

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Don't know whether you know it, but The Grange was a post War Between the States movement in rural areas for economic, social, and cultural ends. It was quite powerful by the end of the 19th Century, responsible for electing governors and legislatures in rural, farming States. As the number of people engaged directly in farming began to wane with productivity/mechanization, The Grange lost its power.... It is still very important ion many rural areas, but primarily for social & cultural reasons....

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Replying to

Thanks, Don. I did not know anything about The Grange.

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